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🛑STOP🛑 Buying BAD PSUs! Best Power Supply for PC 2024 | Best PSU 2024

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Best power supply for PC 2024 buying guide. Find the best PSU for PC in 2024. Everything you need to know to find the best PC Power Supply. 🔻Click “More” For Links🔻

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▶️PSU Cultist Tier List
▶️Boost My Build Series Playlist
▶️How to Build a PC Video Playlist

▶️AsiaHorse PSU Cable Extensions (different colors):
(even more colors):

▶️▶️ Best ATX PSU for PC 2024
▶️1500W+ Power Supply for PC
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 🏬
Corsair HX1500i 🏬

▶️1300W Power Supply for PC
Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1300W 🏬
Super Flower Leadex VII XG 1300W 🏬

▶️Best PC PSU 2024 (Tier A)
MSI A1000G 1000W 🏬
MSI A-GL 750W & 850W 🏬
Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 750W – 1350W 🏬
Corsair RMe 750W – 1200W 🏬
be quiet! Pure Power 12M 650W – 1200W 🏬

▶️Best Budget PSU 2024 (Tier C)
MSI A-BN 550/650W 🏬
Apevia Prestige 600W 🏬

▶️▶️ Best SFX PSU 2024
▶️ATX 3.0 & PCIE 5.0
Corsair SF-L 🏬
Thermaltake SFX 🏬

Deeper Dive Info:
GN 80 Plus Issues
GN GPU Power Spikes
Tom’s Hardware on PSU Protections

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Stop buying a bad power supply for PC! In this Best power supply for PC 2024 buying guide we cover everything you need to know to get the best power supply for gaming pc or any pc build in 2024. We review PC Power Supply basics like modularity, form factor, single vs multi rail, cable types and more. This Best power supply for PC guide also reviews why the 80 plus certification should not be relied upon, what actually makes the best psu for pc, and how to easily select a pc power supply for build quality using the PSU cultist list. We also review “how many watts do I need” and show you how to size your PSU wattage, including what to do if buying a high end graphics card with a big power draw. We make specific product recommendations for the best psu for pc 2024, including high wattage power supplies, A-Tier rated pc power supply, B-Tier rated pc power supply, and C-Tier or best budget pc power supply. Whether you need the Best PSU for gaming PC or other PC build, we’ve got you covered.

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0:00 Stop Buying Bad PC PSU!
0:47 Cheap Windows Keys!
1:21 PSU Form Factors (Sizes)
1:45 Modular vs Non-Modular
2:09 WARNING – Don’t Mix & Match!
2:25 Cable Extensions for Cool Colors
2:49 PSU Cables Types
3:32 GPU Power Cables
4:11 NVIDIA 12VHPWR Cable
4:42 New 12V-2×6 NVIDIA Connector
5:21 Be Aware of This!
5:47 Why You Should IGNORE 80 Plus Rating
6:43 What Makes the BEST PSU for PC?
7:45 Easy Mode to find the Best PSU
8:22 What Tier of PSU for PC for YOU?
8:57 How to Search PSU Cultist Tier List
9:18 How Many Watts Do You Need?
9:52 ATX 3.0 & PCIE 5.0 for Wattage
10:18 Use THIS Method to Size PSU
10:50 Oversizing is Actually Cheap
10:17 What about ATX 3.0?
11:17 Best PSU 2024 Recommendations
12:04 High Wattage (1300W+) PSU Picks
13:26 Midrange PSU (A Tier) Picks
17:21 Best Budget PSU (C Tier) Picks
19:07 Best SFX PSU for Mini ITX Builds
20:35 Best PSU Deals for PC