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1986 “XT 286” PC Power Supply Gets A Modern Upgrade! – Restoration Part 4

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In this episode of my future IBM 5162 “XT 286” repair and also upgrade collection, I hair transplant a contemporary ATX power supply right into the initial PSU housing, maintaining the initial appearances and also – most significantly – that beautiful beefy power button.

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00:00 Intro
01:30 Original PSU Teardown & Cleaning
03:04 New TFX PSU Teardown & Test Fitting – Upgrade
04:41 Grafting The Old AT Wires Onto The ATX PSU – Upgrade
05:50 Old Computer Toggle Power Switch On ATX PSU – Upgrade
06:23 Connecting Power & Fan – Upgrade
07:00 Testing & Reassembly of PSU
07:47 Reassembling The IBM 5162 XT 286
08:55 IBM XT 286 First Power On
09:36 Tests & Whatnot
09:52 Future Plans

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Outro: Yomoti – Before Chill.

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