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AMD EPYC Tyan Transport B8050F65TV8E2H-N Server Tower REVIEW | IT Creations

Doug Stuman with IT Creations with the Tyan Transport B8050F65TV8E2H-N Server Tower. This system is based off the FT65TB8050 chassis and there are two other models that are remarkably similar. In a nut shell they all support a 4th generation AMD EPYC, code name Genoa, CPU, DDR5 memory modules, and PCIe 5.0.
Is it a workstation or is it a server? this would be more of a networked HPC server that can be used for workstation support. That said, there is some potential for a stand-alone workstation. It can be used as a tower in an office setting or rack-mounted with a rail kit to install in a server enclosure. Supported on this platform are not only the standard 4th generation… Watch the video!

Learn more about the Tyan Transport HX B8050F65TV8E2H-N Server Tower at IT Creations.

Tyan Transport HX B8050F65TV8E2H-N Server Tower Spec Sheet

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