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Benchtop Power Supply from an old PC


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Phase Breaks:
00:00 Intro
01:19 Features
02:44 The computer power supply and also specifications
04:44 Removing the old power supply
06:03 Identifying the electrical wiring
11:04 Removing the power supply top
12:08 Precautions and also preserved power
13:35 Freeing up added electrical wiring
14:15 Finding an unit
14:34 Designing the front panel
15:00 Creating the back and also front panels
16:15 Layout layout in the room
16:54 Mounting the power supply
17:18 Adding incurable blocks as well as power supply links
18:16 Resistive Load
19:15 Toggle button and also LED signs
20:28 Wiring dealt with voltage side
22:27 Preparing the variable dollar converter
24:02 Wiring the dollar converter
24:32 Wiring the variable side
25:28 Fusing
26:04 Testing as well as several outcomes
28:23 Multiple outcome constraints
29:07 Wrap up and also added information

The Big Bang Theory Credit: Chuck Lorre Productions and also Warner Brothers Television.

This variation has actually dealt with as well as variable voltages that can provide 3 voltages at the same time. It additionally have the capacity to provide a continuous existing outcome.

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Hyperlinks to Parts Used:
Unit Project Box:
8 Circuit Terminal Block:
Kink Terminal Kit:
Banana Plug Connector Kit:
Lit Up Rocker Switch:
Glass Fuse Holder Kit:
Rapid Blow Glass Fuse Kit:
LED Assorted Kit:
Potentiometner Assorted Kits with caps:
LED Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter:
10W 10 Ohm Aluminum Case Resistor:
Step-down variable Buck Converter:
Various Resistors:
Fluid Electrical Tape:
Steel Standoffs Assorted Kit:

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Repurpose an old computer power supply and also produce a brand-new benchtop power supply.