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Dell Did Something Mostly Right: Power Supply Tear-Down & Review (Dell G5 5000)

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The Dell G5 pc gaming computer was just primarily horrible, yet it did have a remarkably great PSU. We’re taking apart the pre-built video gaming computer’s power supply & training concerning power materials.
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Dell’s G5 pc gaming Computer failed our testimonial, however not every little thing was negative. The (practically) 12VO 500W power supply, made by LiteOn, examined well with an unusual performance contour, practical voltage surge and also policy, and also receptive OPP and also OCP. There’s no fraud like Dell’s invoicing, however we do obtain tricky and also consist of some instructional material clarifying rails in a PSU, several vs. specifically solitary 12V.

Keep in mind: We open up the power supply in this video clip. When opening up power materials as well as various other tools, we are skilled specialists and also take all needed preventative measures. Do closed a power supply unless you are an educated specialist, as it can be hazardous.


00:00 – Dell Did Something Mostly
02:50 – Dell PSU Physical Characteristics
06:47 – How a Power Supply Works (ft. Patrick Stone).
12:01 – Converting to 24-pin for Testing.
14:03 – PSU Rails Explained (Multiple & solitary 12V).
16:45 – Power Efficiency Testing.
18:17 – About 80 Plus Ratings.
18:40 – Power In vs. Out Graph Discussion.
19:23 – Voltage Ripple.
20:44 – Voltage Regulation.
21:39 – Over-Current as well as Over-Power Protection.
23:13 – Conclusion.

Dell’s G5 video gaming Computer failed our evaluation, yet not every little thing was poor. The (nearly) 12VO 500W power supply, made by LiteOn, evaluated well with an unexpected effectiveness contour, sensible voltage surge and also law, as well as receptive OPP as well as OCP.

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Keep in mind: We open up the power supply in this video clip. We are experienced experts and also take all essential preventative measures when opening up power materials as well as various other gadgets. Do not open up a power supply unless you are an educated expert, as it can be hazardous.

Host, Copy Editing: Steve Burke.
Composing, Testing: Patrick Stone.
Video Clip: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman.

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