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FSP CUT593 Review | Pre Installed Cable Management Like No Other Case

This very unique FSP CUT 593 Premium Edition pc case has some very interesting cable management, which I bet you haven’t seen before.

The FSP CUT593P Mid Tower computer case stands out due to its dual tempered glass side panels and innovative cable management, and the price point is very reasonable at the time of the video on newegg its going for around $149usd for the black one and the white one for $159 which isn’t bad at all considering some companies sell the cables alone for that price.

Newegg CUT593

Amazon CUT593

The build quality feels premium, and the case includes 4 140mm pre-installed ARGB fans, with a swappable front panel which is magnetic and can be replaced with a metal one, personally i prefer the plastic with the dust filter.

And when we talk about dust filters we get them all around this pc case, which is what I like to see on every case that I review.

The case features braided cables with combs pre-installed behind the motherboard plate which is a very unique feature not seen in many other pc chassis. Another thing this case gets right is the white cables maintain a clean unlike some even more expensive case while they are white they include black cables which doesn’t look that nice.

Additional Features: The case supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards.

The top panel allows for push-pull configurations which is a another great addon.

While the FSP Cut593 Premium Edition case gets so much right it is missing a feature which in some cases is a vital feature for some and that is a Vertical GPU mount and this is sad considering oh how well this case does on every other aspect.

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