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How To Turn ON Or OFF ASUS AM5 Motherboard USB & ARGB In Standby Power S4 S5

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How to enable or disable ASUS AM5 motherboard USB & ARGB in standby power S4 S5

Having the ability to turn on or off the ARGB lighting on the ASUS AM5 range of motherboards if pretty handy, especially if the PC is somewhere that means the lighting disturbs you.
Also in the video we can also change the default setting for the USB ports and if they provide power when the PC is OFF but the Power supply still switched on.
Hopefully this will help those that like to charge USB devices overnight, or those that can’t sleep because their keyboard and mouse are glowing like the sun!

Enable or disable USB power & charging when pc is off ASUS motherboards.
How to enable or disable USB power to the USB ports when the PC is shut down or turned off. This is to allow USB charging to various items such as and not limited to Wireless mice, headsets and even your mobile phone.
This will also turn off or Keep on any illumination on USB connected peripherals such as your keyboard, mouse and even USB powered mouse pads and mats.

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