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Linear DC Power Supplies – Designing & Building Custom DC Power Supplies

2 video clips in one! Learn More About Linear Power Products and afterwards develop one for your workbench.

In the very first component, we will certainly discover exactly how direct power materials vary from switching over power products. We’ll have a look at the major parts of a straight power supply and see exactly how they are defined.

And, naturally, we’ll look into the resulting item, a variable DC power supply that can provide 2 – 20 VDC at as much as 2.5 amps.

We relocate on to component 2, developing a tiny straight power supply that would certainly look fantastic on your workbench.

We’ll damage out the solderless breadboard and hook up a favorable, unfavorable, and variable voltage regulatory authority circuit, making use of a low-current transformer for safety and security.

I’ll reveal you exactly how I picked the parts, exactly how I hooked them up, and exactly how I classified the framework and created. You’ll see just how I laid out the parts with security initially in mind.

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Find out exactly how direct power products function, and after that construct among your very own. You’ll discover it at 32:45 if you desire to go straight to the 2nd component.

Below is the Table of Contents for today’s (long) video clip:

00:00 – Introduction
02:57 – Linear vs Switching Power Supplies
07:18 – Power Supply Components
15:41 – Rectifier Demonstration
19:34 – Voltage Regulators – Fixed Positive
25:12 – Voltage Regulators – Fixed Negative
29:15 – Voltage Regulators – Variable Positive
32:45 – Part 2 – Build a Linear Power Supply
33:56 – Parts & Prototyping
44:00 – Power Supply Hookup
49:01 – Cutting a Metal Chassis
52:30 – Layout and Design Considerations
58:09 – Labelling the Chassis
1:03:34 – Wiring & Assembly
1:07:40 – Final Product
1:10:06 – Conclusion

They are not as prominent as changing products, direct power products do supply benefits in a number of scenarios. Finding out to layout and construct them is a necessary ability for any kind of electronic devices experimenter.

Hope you appreciate the video clip!