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Mellif Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita Air Duster / Compact Blower Review | Gadget of the Week EP01

The Mellif portable battery operated air duster is an alternative to using expensive compressed air cans, a compressor air blower or a mains air duster. I’ll see how the Mellif compares to all these other options.

Compressed air has limitless uses, from blowing out dust from your keyboard or the inside of your computer, to cleaning stray dust from intricate components like a bike shifter and drying small parts on your bike too. In my workshop I use one all the time to blow away saw dust and metal shavings and to clean the dust filter on my vacuum.

Mellif makes a range of gadgets and tools that run off popular battery platforms, namely Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita. Their tools aren’t supplied with batteries so they only really make sense if you’re already on one of these platforms.

I’m testing the Milwaukee version which runs off Milwaukee’s 18V M18 batteries and I’ll be using one of their 5Ah batteries that comes with lots of their tools.

The air duster is basically a knock-off of the Makita DAS180Z at around a third of the price. It costs about £40 or $40 and comes with a load of accessories including 5 nozzles, a flexible hose for reaching awkward areas and an adapter hose that connects around the back for suction.
I have the Makita version listed on eBay – I have more Milwaukee batteries!

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